Synopsis: Defense lawyer Craig Carlson (Raymond Burr) buys a pistol at a pawn shop and travels to his office, where he deposits the gun in a desk drawer with a file folder, then begins to dictate into a tape recorder. Directing his message to District Attorney Ray Willis (John Dehner), he reveals that he anticipates being murdered within an hour, and begins to tell his story in extended flashbacks. The memories begin with him explaining to his war buddy and best friend Joe Leeds (Dick Foran) that he is having an affair with Leeds’s wife Myra (Angela Lansbury), who wants a divorce. His reaction concerned rather than angry, Joe asks Craig to give him a little time to think the matter over. Days later at his own office, Joe finishes writing a letter as his business partner Lou Kazarian arrives fresh from his daughter’s wedding. Distraught over his own marriage, Joe gives the letter to Lou to mail and makes a phone call to Myra telling her he will be home soon to discuss something. Joe goes home to confront Myra in their bedroom, where a door is closed, and the audience only hears a gunshot soon after.